About Add My Link Marketing!

Hello and welcome to our website! Our goal is to help small and home-based business owner build a strong online presence for their business. We can help you set up everything from choosing your domain name to setting up your website. If you would like to learn more about those service and tool then please visit the GDI products and services section of this website. If you already have your website setup then you might be qualified for our free add my link marketing service.

What is Add My Link Marketing? AMLM is a service created to help small and home-based business owners advertise online. The service is free of charge but there are some requirements. Not all websites can be added to our AMLM system. We do not accept any site that promote illegal activities. All sites are manually reviewed before been added in our system. We want to keep our system clean for all visitors or subscribers. If your business is legitimate and legal then most likely you will be qualified but our team reserve the sole right to make that decision.

How does Add My Link Marketing works? First, you have to go to the add my link marketing section below then signup by choosing one of the social media option provided. Once you do that, the system will pick and display an advertiser website. Please take some time to check the website because that is how your website will be displayed as well for  others to see. There is no timing when viewing the website because we believe that you will spend some time checking the website it it pick your interest. Next, check your email for instruction about getting your website listed with us.

How long does it take for my site to be listed? It depends, If your site is a lead capture page then we might have to investigate further as lead capture pages don’t give enough information upfront for us to make a decision. For other sites it might take less time for them to get listed. Nevertheless, all subscribers will receive an email to let them know if their site has been approved and listed in our system. Also, subscribers have to personally send me their website to the email provided. The longer it take for someone to send me their website the longer the process will take.

How do we know the traffic is real? We are using a system that is a top notch technology! First, we are not just asking people to give us an email to subscribe but we asking them to subscribe with their social media account. Second, I will personally send them email follow to setup their website in the system. The system we are using will hard for a robot to get though. There are a lot of verification happening in the background before a subscription is successful.

How can this service be for free? Good question! I cannot promise that this service will always be free but for now my main goal is to allow members to use the service for free during a limited time. I will be running some testing to make sure that our system is working the way it was intended to work. You might come back to this website tomorrow and noticed that we stop offering the free trial service. All free trial members will get a free adposition in our system for the lifetime of this website. This is our way of saying thanks for trying us out during our trial period.

How do I signup for this service? Ok we have change the signup process for this service. All you have to do is go to to our advertising page to signup or you can just click here now. Thanks for reading!

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Creating and Selling Digital Products

Have you ever dreamed of creating and selling your own digital product online? If you have, then you need to pay close attention to this post because I’m about to reveal the secrets of creating and selling your own digital product. In several section of this website, we talked about making money as an affiliate marketer or network marketer. But, what if your idea is to sell your own product and not someone else’s? Then what?

Let me start by saying that it’s a good idea be willing to sell your own product online. But, the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are looking to sell a physical product or a digital one. Also, are you going to create your own product from scratch or are you going to use other products to create your own product. See, there are different ways you can go about this.

Once you have decided what your product is going to be then you are going to need a mean to present your product to your target audience. You are going to need tools that can take the burden of presenting your product over and over to your audience. It would be to much of a burden for you, if you have to be the one presenting your product all the time to your audience. Therefore, a sales page tool will be your best bet to keep up with presentations.

Now that you have your product and your sales page in place, the next step for you is to drive traffic to your page. This is the most difficult phase of your product creation project. You can have the most useful product with the most stunning sales page, but if nobody is visiting your sales page then that product will not sell. If the product does not sell then time and money were just wasted. Therefore, you will have to learn how to drive traffic to your sales page offer.

Ok, all of these are easy to say but when it come to implement them that is a different game. When I thought of writing this blog, I feel like this blog would miss something if I did not put together a package that could help you with creating and selling your own digital product. Therefore, I put together a product called 7OPS which stands for 7 Online Profit System. This product will provide you with all the tools you need to start selling your own digital product in minutes.

I called this product 7 online profit system because I have included 7 tools to help you out with your product creation and selling project. The 7OPS package include 1 sales page creation software and 6 ebooks that will teach you how to create stunning sales page and how to drive traffic to your sales page. Ok, I know what you are thinking! This is great but how much is that going to cost?

Frankly, I spent a lot of time researching in other to put that package together. The eBooks you are getting with the package has been sold elsewhere for $10 usd each. The software itself could be sold for $30 to $40 usd. In total, This package could easily be sold for $100 usd. But, I have decided to give you access to this package for free as my subscriber. Get your free package here!

List Building Tools-How To Build Your List For Free!

The money is in the list! How many times have you heard this? Probably thousands of time, right? Well, This review would be worthless if I just keep telling you how important building your list is when it comes to internet marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc. Therefore, this review is not going to teach you that because chances are you already know it.

What is the purpose of this list building review? Well, even if most affiliate marketers know that they need a list to be successful online but most of them don’t actually have a list building system. Specially affiliate marketers who are new to the business of marketing online. I have noticed that only seasoned affiliate or network marketers are taking advantage of list building techniques.

How come only seasoned affiliate marketers use list building techniques? Good question! Even if there is great advantage in building your own list but it actually cost a lot of money to build and manage a list. Seasoned affiliates who already have the finance to do so have no problem paying for the extra cost to build their list but a newbie, most of the time, cannot afford the cost of most list builder tools out there.

What are the components of a list builder system? List builder systems are different from one to another. But most list builder system will provide you with the followings: lead capture page tool, landing page tool, auto-responder tool, and contact management tool. You really have to shop around to find a system that meet you need.

Some systems offer only one portion of the tools. For example, some systems might provide you with landing page only or autoresponder only. Therefore, you might have to manage your system from 2 different platforms. Some marketers might choose this option because it might be cheaper to use. But other marketers might decide it’s better to have everything in one platform so that they don’t have to go back and forth between 2 different places.

How much can a list builder cost? Ok, now it depends on the platform you are using. If you are using Benchmark, you can start for free but once you reach about 2000 subscribers your free subscription will have to turn into a monthly subscription in order for you to keep using the system. Benchmark use a cost per subscribers to charge marketers for using their system. In other words, the more subscribers you have the more you pay. Therefore, you could end up paying thousands of dollars for your list of subscribers.

How about Aweber? Aweber use the same cost per subscribers just like benchmark. The more subscribers you have the more it will cost you. Now, If you know anything about email marketing and solo ads, subscribers does not necessarily mean sales. When you send an offer to your list of subscribers not all of them will interact with your offer. Therefore, you could have thousands of subscribers to your list but if none of them are buying therefore you are wasting money.

There is also GetResponse that use the same cost per subscribers system. Listen, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with those system. All I’m saying make sure you understand how those systems charge you to avoid unpleasant experience. Another list building system is MailChimp. This company just like Benchmark let you start for free but once your list gets bigger you will have to upgrade to a monthly plan.

There are other systems where you can pay a one-time setup fee to build your list. If I’m to be honest with you, those systems are the one I’m most likely to use myself. Of course, those systems are going to have their limitations but they will get the job done. For example, one system I using now does not provide me with landing page tool. Therefore, I had to look some place else. But, guess what! I also found a landing page tool for a one-time fee that can easily integrate with my one-time fee autoresponder system. Hilarious, right?

I guess what I’m saying here is that you just have to do a little bit of research to find what is best for you. Be patient in your search until you find something that meet both your business need and your financial need. Now, listen to this! I also found in my research an actual email marketing system that you can use for free. No credit or debit card required and no trial! When They say free! They really mean free! Now, I don’t know for how long they will keep letting marketers use the system for free but as of this writing the system is free to use.

I was having a hard time believing that there could be an free list builder tool out there until I found this tool. Ok, let me say that when I got my first autoresponder and landing page tools for one-time fee, I thought there was no better deal out there better then that. It was a bargain, so I’ve thought! But this actual system prove me wrong. I hope that I had found this system before I had purchase my two other systems. But hey, all is good, I’m not paying any monthly fees!

I writing this blog to help new affiliate or network marketers avoid making the mistake of thinking that they cannot build a list because list builder systems are too expensive. If you look you will find something that you can work with. Even if you are a seasoned marketers, don’t you think a free list builder system can help you maximize your profits? I bet you do! Then you need to give this system a try.

This system has done something different from other email marketing system out there. You know how sometime you have to deal with bot signing into your email list or people using fake emails. Well this system use a new technology that I would like to call social media signup. That means people are using their actual social media account or google profile to signup to your list. You have to check this out for yourself.

Now, let me give you a demo about how the system works. Use this LINK to create a free account with MarketHive. Once you create your account you will have access to your free autoresponder, lead capture page, and much more to help you build your business. The signup process you are about to experience here is the same signup process that others will experience when they join your list through your landing page or website using this system. Get your free list builder system now!

About Banner Ads Unlimited!

BANNER ADS UNLIMITED service will provide more exposure to your website or affiliate link. With our free add my link service you only get exposure from people that visit one of the banner been advertise here. If people don’t visit or don’t click then nobody see your website. I wanted to do something more then just sending you traffic from one banner. I wanted to do something that show your website to every single 247adslist.ws visitors. That is why i decided to create the BANNER ADS UNLIMITED system.

Here is how it works! If you look on the left of this page you will notice 20 banner ads displaying from 20 positions. When you purchase banner ads from us that banner will rotate in all 20 banner ads positions on 247adslist.ws for the lifetime of the website. As you can see, we are getting steady daily traffic here. Not bad for a site that was re-launched in June of 2019, right? But, we have to charge a setup fee for this service to keep up with the administrative cost of running this website. But don’t worry! We are not going to charge an arm and a leg for this service. Your cost will be just a one-time setup fee and you get lifetime banner advertising on 247adslist.ws.

But we don’t offer this service to everyone. We will only provide this service to members who provide a banner size that is 125 by 125. The reason why we do this is because the section reserved for banner ads can only support 125 by 125 banners. Please, understand that not every website is qualified for our service. Our goal is to keep this website clean from all illegal or suspicious site. Therefore, after you signup and purchase our service you need to fill out a form to send us your website for review. If your site appear to be suspicious then you will have the option to submit another site for review.

All members that was qualified for AMLM service will receive an email that will invite them to purchase the BANNER ADS UNLIMITED service. Please, note that this is an optional service. You can keep been a free member of our AMLM service for life. But, if you decide that you want more exposure for your link then our BANNER ADS UNLIMITED service is your best bet. As you already know, keeping a website online and making sure that the website generate traffic cost money. We are spending thousands of dollars to make this service available to you for a one-time setup fee.

If you want to use our banner service then you need a banner size that is 125×125 we cannot advertise any other banners that do not meet this basic requirement. Then, you need to go to the Pages Menu section of this website to register. Or you can CLICK HERE to go there now. If the button to register on the page does not work then please come back at a later time. As you know this is a new service that we are launching therefore it might take some time to make sure that everything is working fine. Thanks for reading and take care for now!

What is network marketing?

Are you an affiliate marketer or a network marketer? Have ever ask yourself this question? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t. Nevertheless, this is an important question that everyone in the internet marketing business should ask once in while. Maybe you never ask yourself this question because you thought that affiliate marketing and network marketing are both the same. In a way yes they are but there is a slight difference between the two. Keep reading and you will what the difference is.

First, let’s start by thinking about the first idea you thought about when you decide to get involved in affiliate or network marketing. Maybe you idea was that you want to start your own home-based business working from home. Then you found an opportunity which caught your interest then you decided you wanted to get involve with the company. One thing that you did not get a chance to do was to think about whether you see yourself as a business owner or a marketer.

See, a business owner working from home is different from an affiliate or network marketer working from home. How is that possible, you say? Well, even if the business owner, the affiliate marketer, and the network marketer can all claim to have a business but the mindset of each one of them in the way the approach their business is different. In other words you can be working from home as either a business owner, or an affiliate marketer, or a networ marketer.

How do you work from home as a business owner? If you work from home as a business owner then that mean you have develop your own product or service to sell to the public. Therefore, you are responsible to oversee everything from creation of the product or service until its delivery to the final consumer. In between, you are responsible for customer service, marketing, bookkeeping, and so on and so forth. You either do it yourself or you pay others to do it for you. This is what makes you a business owner. You own the business and therefore can make decision about the future of the business.

How do you work from home as an affiliate marketer? If you are an affiliate marketer then what you are is an independent contractor working for one or several business owners. See the business owner has the option to hire either an employee or an independent contractor to help with tasks or projects for his or her business. As an affiliate marketer you do not own the business you just work for the business as a contractor. Some companies will want to make you think that the company is yours so that they can get more commitment out of you but in reality the company is not yours.

Let’s the owner decide to close this company tomorrow, you do not have any say in the owner’s decision. You don’t have any say on how much you get paid. They dictate how much you get paid in their compensation plan. There is nothing you can do about it but to accept. As an affiliate marketer your job is to help the company share or promote their product or service to whomever might be interested. Actually, I don’t even think an affiliate marketer should be called an independent contractor because some contractor dictate their own price for the service they provide. Affiliate marketers provide their service at the price dictated by the company.

Why is it important to understand these things? Well, it’s all about the mindset! You need to understand that when it come to affiliate marketing, you are neither an employee nor a business owner. Therefore, please don’t be emotional about the business. All you do is share and promote that is all. Also, as an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to promote just one product or service. You can have affiliate contract with more that one company. Some companies will sell into the idea that they are one of the best companies you can get involve with but do not buy into that mindset. There is always a better option out there. Nobody is perfect therefore no company is either.

How do you work from home as a network marketer? A network marketer is an affiliate marketer who build or have his or her own network for sharing or promoting offers. Can you see the difference? An affiliate marketer promote without a network but a network marketer promote to his or her network.  Network marketers a mostly involve in building a list of individuals that might be interested in certains offers. Some list are specific and some others are general. Network marketers are list builders! Network marketer put a lot of focus on mastering tools like: lead capture page, landing page, email marketing, autoresponder, etc.

I my own opinion I do believe that network marketers are the ones making a lot of money online. You have heard the saying “the money is in the list,” right? Well, i do believe that this mean the money is in network marketing. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for you to make money online? Maybe your mindset is that of an affiliate marketer thinking like an employee. You need to stop thinking like an employee affiliate marketer and start thinking like a network marketer. Affiliates that market to a network get faster results then the one without a network. Are you building your network?

All right, I must say that building a network is not that easy. You need the tools to build a network and those tools are not cheap. But you do not have to start with expensive tool. As a matter of fact,  I know a free autoresponder tool that comes with free lead capture pages that you can use to start building your network as of today. If you would like more information about this tool then go to the quick links section of this website and look for the free autoresponder link. That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!