About Add My Link Marketing!

Hello and welcome to 247adslist.ws! Our goal is to help small and home-based business owner build a strong online presence for their business. We can help you set up everything from choosing your domain name to setting up your website. If you would like to learn more about those service and tool then please visit the GDI products and services section of this website. If you already have your website setup then you might be qualified for our free add my link marketing service.

What is Add My Link Marketing? AMLM is a service created to help small and home-based business owners advertise online. The service is free of charge but there are some requirements. Not all websites can be added to our AMLM system. We do not accept any site that promote illegal activities. All sites are manually reviewed before been added in our system. We want to keep our system clean for all visitors or subscribers. If your business is legitimate and legal then most likely you will be qualified but our team reserve the sole right to make that decision.

How does Add My Link Marketing works? First, you have to go to the add my link marketing section below then signup by choosing one of the social media option provided. Once you do that, the system will pick and display an advertiser website. Please take some time to check the website because that is how your website will be displayed as well forĀ  others to see. There is no timing when viewing the website because we believe that you will spend some time checking the website it it pick your interest. Next, check your email for instruction about getting your website listed with us.

How long does it take for my site to be listed? It depends, If your site is a lead capture page then we might have to investigate further as lead capture pages don’t give enough information upfront for us to make a decision. For other sites it might take less time for them to get listed. Nevertheless, all subscribers will receive an email to let them know if their site has been approved and listed in our system. Also, subscribers have to personally send me their website to the email provided. The longer it take for someone to send me their website the longer the process will take.

How do we know the traffic is real? We are using a system that is a top notch technology! First, we are not just asking people to give us an email to subscribe but we asking them to subscribe with their social media account. Second, I will personally send them email follow to setup their website in the system. The system we are using will hard for a robot to get though. There are a lot of verification happening in the background before a subscription is successful.

How can this service be for free? Good question! I cannot promise that this service will always be free but for now my main goal is to build relationship with my subscribers. It’s my belief that building good and professional relationship with people is more valuable then money. It is also my belief that you would consider joining GDI using this website if you do not have an account with them already. But, in reality, it does not matter because you still get this service for free whether you join using this website or not.

How do I signup for this service? Ok we have change the signup process for this service. All you have to do is reload this blog post of click on the 247adslist.ws link on the top left of this website. Doing so will force the site to reload which will give you access to our signup form which is a popup button. You signup and that is all there is to it. Thanks for choosing 247adslist.ws as your advertising partner!

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