My Advertising Service

Our main product is the Add My Link Adposition Marketing System. This service was offered for freeĀ  as a trial for a limited time. The free offer was to make sure that our system was working properly. Those of you that registered during this trial period were given a free adposition in the system. No worries! Your adposition is still free! But this free adposition is no longer available to new members.

New members have to purchase an adposition in order to have their website advertise in our system. Each adposition cost 50 USD which is a one-time setup fee. Members can purchase up to 10 adpositions in our system to maximize their website traffic. Once a adposition is purchased in our system the member own that position for the lifetime of our website.

If you are a free trial member then you might consider buying additional positions to maximize your website traffic as well. As a free trial member, you already have 1 free adposition in our system. You can now buy up to 9 additional positions to maximize your traffic. As a free trial members your setup fee for 10 adpositions is less because you already have 1 adposition for free.

Once your website has been added in our system, you can check it out by visiting our DON’T MISS THIS OFFER banner. This banner is displayed the left side of this website (or maybe right depending on your angle). You might have to click this banner a few times before you see your website. If you need to track how many visitors you are getting from us then I will suggest you to use a link tracking system. You will have to re-submit your website with your link tracking system in order for you to view your stats. Click below to get started!


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