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Are you still paying huge monthly fee to build and manage your list of subscribers?

“What if you could build your list for free!”
The money is in the list!
Yes, that’s true but you have to build it first!

Dear Marketer,

For all long time you’ve learn that in order to make money online you need a list of subscribers to promote to, right? But truth of the matter is that it cost money to actually build a list. Well, not quite! Maybe that was true a few years ago but now the development of brand new technology has given us tool to help us build huge list of subscribers without paying a dime.

Introducing MarketHive Free Autoresponder Solution!

MarketHive is a state of the art free autoresponder that allow subscribers to build and manage their list for free. There is no monthly fees or annual fees to use markethive list building tool. The free autoresponder also come with free lead capture page, free contact management, free email broadcaster tool, and more. If you have use other auto-responder in the past then you know how frustrating it can be to deal with fake email or bot filling out your form. MarketHive has done something that is unheard of in the industry. Your subscribers will be using their social medial profile to subscribe which minimize unwanted bot from signing up to your list. Now, that’s amazing!

Free Capture Pages

You can use the free lead capture page provided by markethive to promote your offers. Or, you can use you lead capture page or landing page to promote you offer.

Capture Widget

You can use the signup capture widget with other landing pages if you so choose. Just copy and paste the code to your landing page.

No Bot Allowed

Now you can be certain that your subscribers are real human beings not bots.

Group Creation Tool

You can create group and invite other users of the system to join your group. You can join other groups to introduce yourself to the community.

MarketHive Coin Rewards

MarketHive even reward its users coins for referring other users. I think this is huge! 

You get all this for free!


What are you waiting for? Go below now to subscribe and get your free account. I’m not sure for how long the owner of MarketHive is going to let people register for free. Therefore, hurry up and get your free account!


Get Your Free Account Now!


Wishing you success,

James Vil
Create your free account today while it’s free!

Requirements: You need a gmail or social media account to use the system.

Disclaimer: The system is free to join right now but we cannot guarantee that the system will still be free to join at the time you’re reading the information provided on this page. Thanks for your understanding!



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