New Visitor Counter Added

Our goal at is to provide a new site where online and home-based business owners can advertise for free. This is our main focus here at and we provide this service through out ADD MY LINK MARKETING system.  This service will remain free for ever and this is not a trial where you would have to upgrade to get better service. Every body get the same service here. Free advertising for your link. The only thing is that you can not advertise more than one link with our system.

New Visitor Counter Added! It’s only fair for our uers to have a sens of the traffic that we are getting here, therefore we have added a traffic counter that anyone can check out by visiting our website. Please note that this is a new website therefore our counter is not showing a lot of traffic for now. But, we are working with some great traffic source to bring real visitors to our website. The truth is that we also promote our own opportunities here therefore, you can be certain that you will not be seeing any fake or bot generated traffic here.

Where Does Our Traffic Come From? I know some of you might ask about our traffic source and below is a list of how we generation our traffic here at We use a combination of content marketing, email marketing, solo ads, banner ads, text ads, and even traffic exchanges. Yes, we are using and will be using any techniques that generate quality traffic to bring people here. Once they are, do you think they will be interested in our free advertising? Of course they will! That’s is how we are generating you real visits to your own website or affiliate link.

What Is the Catch? There is no catch and there is no gotcha! I’m looking to build relationship and that’s all. Therefore, I have decided to take the first step toward you which is to help you advertise your business or affiliate marketing opportunity for free. The only thing though is that I do have some recommendations in the quick link section of this site, If one of them catch your interest I would love for you to join under me. That way you will support me in keeping this website up and running. ADD MY LINK MARKEITNG is free but the tool to provide the service is not free.

Feel free to comment or ask question if you would like to learn more about this service. We are still new and we are still working on getting our site setup on major traffic network. But now is a great time for you to register and get going with us as we are increasing our traffic here. Also you will get the chance to be the first one to be in position to receive quality traffic to your site. You can also check us out at markethive and join our AMLM group is you wish. Thanks for reading and take care for now!

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