SFM Team Builder Project


What is ShopFreeMart? Have you ever heard of costco and sam’s club? Well, ShopFreeMart is almost the same concept with the only differenMartce that there is no membership fee to join. Also, You can make money with ShopFreeMart is you ever decided to share the opportunity with friends, families, or anyone who need help with their health and wellness.

What products does ShopFreeMart offer? There are a variety of health and wellness products. There is something for everyone. My favorite so far is the anti-radiation sticker which help fight against radiation coming from cell phone technologies. We all have cell phones at home and as a matter of fact some of us have several cell phones. I, personally, have 4 cell phones in my own home. This product is a must for me and for anyone using a cell phone. It’s a must for everyone to protect themselves and their love one from those harmful cell phone radiations also called EMR.

What is ShopFreeMart Team Builder Network? The owner of 247adslist.ws have decided to promote ShopFreeMart anywhere that 247adslist.ws is been promoted. We will be writing blogs about the company and its products. When someone visit those blogs they will be re-directed to this page to register for a free account. 247adslist.ws will help you build your ShopFreeMart downline if you join the company through this page.

What are the qualification to be included in the SFM Team Builder Network? First, you have to join through this page. Second, you need to purchase the Freedom Package Membership in order to qualify to join this project. I might need proof of your purchase if I cannot verify your purchase in my back office. Please note that the freedom package is not a requirement to join ShopFreeMart. But, it’s a requirement to be included in our SFM Team Builder Project.